Life Changing: A Philosophical Guide (2nd Edition)

The world is changing. Are you ready for the opportunities?

Life Changing is a hands-on guide to harnessing the power of change. Using philosophical examples, it shows you how to cultivate the resilience, agility and vision to embrace change and make it an adventure.

The book includes practical exercises that show you how to apply the ideas in familiar contexts. By doing the exercises, you learn how to think philosophically about change and unleash its life changing possibilities.

Be creative with change. Don’t just ride it out — use it.

Life Changing (2nd ed.) is available as a Kindle ebook from Amazon. A limited range of 1st edition paperback copies can be found in various corners of the web.

Listen to Tim Rayner talk to Sophie Longdon on ABC Radio, Australia.


  1. Hi Tim, I am part of your short term class at Uni of Sydney. Would like to continue to receive newlsetters / content post the program is finished, as I really enjoy your work and your delivery is great. Thanks Ange

  2. The link “Listen to Tim Rayner talk to Sophie Longdon on ABC Radio, Australia” points to the Amazon page for the Kindle edition of the book.

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