Responses to climate change: an argument

This is a risk analysis of the potential costs of action and inaction on climate change. On YouTube, it is billed as the most terrifying video you’ll ever see.


  1. Uncensored Rev. says:

    There’s no serious probability theory here; just ridiculous fear-mongering.

    • It seems to me that what requires justification here is the claim that the ‘catastrophic consequences’ scenario is ‘ridiculous fear mongering’. I’m not sure it is. Most computer simulations suggest that more than 2 degrees + warming will lead us to cross threshholds into a severely warming planet. Have you noticed how in severely hot summers, all the plants die? Imagine a string a hot summers, each warmer than before. This isn’t scare mongering – this is what our best climate science says we can expect.

      As for probability: the evidence for catastrophic 2 degree + warming is becoming stronger by the year. NASA, the British Meteorological Office, the Australian CSIRO, along with 97% of climate scientists actively publishing in their field, all say that the planet is rapidly warming and that the human-forced warming hypothesis is a matter of simple physics. I can direct you to these organization, if you’d like. Perhaps you can explain to them why it is that the results of decades of research is ‘ridiculous fear mongering’.

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